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Healthcare Education Solution

Streamlines Management and Operations of Clinical Rotations

i-Rotation has streamlined the entire healthcare education validation workflow with innovative technology created in Silicon Valley. The clinical validation process is now paperless and entirely automated, from day one one when students search for clinical sites, to scheduling rotations, tracking daily attendance, entering patient logs, all the way until the student's final MSPE letter is created. We have automated all these steps to save you hundreds of hours each year.

Transforms Institutional Accreditation Review

Healthcare administrators have told us accreditation reviews can be a time-consuming distraction. i-Rotation makes record-keeping for accreditation more efficient, reliable, and detailed, by storing your data in secure online databases that are accessible through flexible interactive dashboards. If you choose, you can even grant accreditation reviewers direct remote access to your records.

Validates Clinical Training to Future Employers

At end of the clinical experience, your students' priority is to use what they learned to find employment in the medical field. Equipped with detailed i-Rotation reports that document their cases, patient interaction, and diseases encountered, etc., they'll have the data potential employers want to see.

Here are some of the powerful features of the i-Rotation platform:

  • Student Data Manager: Allows you to go completely paperless with real-time uploading and updating of student records and credentials, which are stored for up to 8 years
  • Clinical Scheduler: Enables students to build and search their own clinical rotation schedule, across the country or globe, based on where you have inventory available
  • Attendance Validator: Empowers schools to know, on a daily basis, who attended a class, lecture or clinic
  • Patient Encounter Logs: Records student-patient interaction in data archives, ensuring your teaching partners are in line with your educational standards
  • Dual Evaluator: Helps administrators get feedback regarding quality of rotations from both preceptors and students
  • i-Rotation Messenger: Lets you stay in constant communication with your students in order to send them assignments, documents or test results
  • Residency Reportâ„¢: Displays detailed clinical data in concise summary form, providing residency applicants with valuable documentation of their training
  • MSPE Builderâ„¢: Provides school administrators with an advanced software algorithm that creates a fully customized MSPE in minutes
  • Accounting Integration: Offers full integration with most accounting systems so you can monitor student accounts in real-time.

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