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How to Give Your Healthcare Students a Competitive Advantage

You remember the most infamous question of your youth; the one you were consistently asked by parents, family members, and teachers: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”

As a child with a limitless imagination, your future job was anything you could dream up. But as you got older and this question began to determine a trajectory for life after high school, your answers became more real—inspired by a desire to actualize your passion and skills to make a difference in the world. However, unlike a decade ago, stepping into a tangible position to accomplish this after graduation is more challenging than it’s ever been before.

For many, this dream is empowered by a position in the healthcare field. Last year, the number of healthcare students who applied for college surpassed the number of open spots available. If just getting accepted is this competitive, imagine the struggle of finding a career after graduation. i-Rotation gives students a competitive edge over other graduates, which not only propels them towards a successful career path in the healthcare industry, it reflects positively on your school’s reputation.

The i-Rotation software is the most innovative in the industry, providing students with customizable, leading-edge educational technology. Our platform allows patient encounter logs to be tailored to each student’s specific rotation requirements. With the ability to virtually interact with patients, students are introduced to a broader range of complications. They can digitally interact with patients and are guided through virtual examinations; they can even order and send labs to receive test results that are vital in helping them make their diagnosis. Such an extensive, layered education makes your students more marketable to future employers.

Our team of expert physicians and nurses offer students feedback and guidance after each session, supporting them with the guidance they need to exceed their professional goals. The i-Rotation software has a built-in analytical engine to record and map the progress of each student, comparing that data with other performance metrics. This is exactly the data that future employers want to see when they are selecting the most qualified candidates to fill their team.