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i-Rotation Clinician

As the industry’s most innovative virtual patient education software tool, i-Rotation Clinician substantially enhances problem-based student learning outcomes. The software provides your institution and students with the very latest in learning technology, integrating students’ daily patient encounter logs with cases adapted for, and tailored to, their individual rotations.

Software Features include:

1. Dynamic Patient Interviews: Allows healthcare students to interactively question virtual patients while the system provides real-time feedback

2. Patient Examination: Provides students the option to examine virtual patients, including deciding which instrument to use, and where to place it, while receiving real-time guidance

3. Lab Test: Based on the virtual interview and examination, students can decide which labs to order, then receive the results. Students can also ask for scans, or even request a consultation from a specialist, in order to work through the case

4. Analytics: The application is equipped with an analytical engine that tracks individual student progress and compares the results with other performance metrics


Guaranteed Results

We have a team of physicians and nurses assigned to each client. We’ll grade each student session, provide real-time feedback, and deliver peer-to-peer and semester-to-semester comparisons to track each student’s progress. We’re so confident your students will improve their end of semester exit exam scores, that we even provide a money back guarantee after you implement our software.


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