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Improve Your Residency Program with i-Rotation

Medical school is a challenging time for most students—there is no sugarcoating that. Managing an ongoing to-do list of schoolwork and exams, learning an abundance of new information, and finding—let alone maintaining—a school-life balance are just a few facets of medical school where students find themselves struggling to adapt.

By the time these students reach their residencies, over half report experiencing burnout. This alarming number signals a potentially high residency dropout rate, and also indicates at-risk students who are more likely to experience increased depression during their residency. The pressure of medical school can, however, be advantageous in some ways; if someone can’t handle the stress of med school, would you trust them to be composed during an emergency situation where your very life was in their hands?

But being mindful of these burnout rates allows you to cultivate a positive environment for your students. Consistently tweaking your program helps prevent high dropout rates and curbs distress, all while benefiting your school. A critical part of the i-Rotation software is delivering insights about your program, providing data on how to improve on areas where you already thrive, as well as guidance on enhancing areas that need improvement.

Using this software can transform your clinical rotations so students feel engaged and supported. Exposing students to various mentors, for example, allows them to learn different techniques for diagnosing, treating, and interacting with patients. Through these diverse practices, students will become more comfortable shaping their own approach, which will foster a more successful future in the field.

Learn more about our user-friendly software that makes sure your operations run as smoothly and efficiently as possible. The i-Rotation technology delivers annual data and insights about your program so you can make the most informed decisions not only for the betterment of your school, but for the greater good of your students.