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Streamlining the entire healthcare education validation workflow

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i-Rotation has streamlined the entire healthcare education validation workflow with innovative technology created in Silicon Valley. The clinical validation process is now paperless and entirely automated, from day one when students search for clinical sites, to scheduling rotations, tracking daily attendance, entering patient logs, all the way until the student’s final MSPE letter is created. We have automated all these steps to save you hundreds of hours each year.

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i-Rotation SaaS signature products include:

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5 Categories

i-Rotation Clinician


Our powerful library of virtual cases allows your students to build their clinical acumen. Virtual encounters with real patient, covering a broad spectrum of diseases, from high blood pressure to Zika virus, train students using industry “best practices”.

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i-Rotation Mobile App

Mobile app available for both Android and Apple devices.  Features include: Attendance Validator, Dual Evaluator feature, patient encounter logs, student data and credential storage, plus many more features.

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MSPE Builder


First of its kind patented technology allowing school administrators to complete the letter in minutes.

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Residency Report™


First of its kind patented technology that captures information based on our mobile app.  Gives your residency applicants an advantage with concise and detailed clinical training summary.

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International Program Integration

i-Rotation is designed for easy integration into your regional or national healthcare education system. We provide free assessments and guidance on how our platform can seamlessly upgrade your healthcare education with fully customizable solutions.

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“Very Useful tool for the schools”

“Captures all the information we’re looking for”

“Very reasonable price”


Medical School Accreditation Body

"It's a great app because it gives you almost a life simulation"

Healthcare student user

Overall, I enjoyed the case and felt like a Doctor with the interface i-Rotation provides. Looking forward to the next one."

Medical student user

"The program is fantastic I love it! Very easy to use and very organized. Thanks"

Healthcare School Administration

End to End Solution

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i-Rotation Clinician



The industry’s most innovative virtual patient education software tool.  Our software enhances problem based student learning outcomes consistently. Our software provides your institution and students with the very latest technology that allows for integration with your student’s daily patient encounter logs and create cases tailored and adapted to their individual rotation.

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Mobile App


i-Rotation has a fully functional mobile app that works for both android and apple products.  

Our proprietary and patented mobile app is available to students today via all the mobile phone for download. We provide the latest technology to provide you and your student real-time updates and support.

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Graduate Medical Education



Our Software, i-Rotation GME is built to manage a residency program needs and exceed their current offerings and ensure all the accreditation needs are being taken care of.

We are currently being Beta testing our system to ensure we meet and exceed our partner’s expectations and meet all the new ACGME accreditation standards (NAS).

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International Healthcare Solutions


i-Rotation has designed a software that allows you integrate our software into your Regional or National healthcare education system. We provide free assessments and feedback on how our technology can seamlessly upgrade your healthcare education system with fully customizable programs.  

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Our i-Rotation has a full time support staff based in the United States to be able to provide compassionate support 24 hours and day and 365 days a year.

The support team can be reached via several means and is available to help students and administrators.

We provide onsite and online training and onboarding support.

All functionality has been pre-recorded in an extensive tutorial library available to all users 24 hours a day.

We always enjoy hearing from all members of our i-Rotation family so our support team will be responsive and happy to help at all times.