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International Healthcare Students Have a Bigger Impact in Their Home Countries

In pursuit of the American Dream, the United States has acquired much of the world’s top talent in the healthcare field. Stories of doctors and nurses leaving their home countries to work in America are plentiful; higher wages, better opportunities, and superior hospital settings are just a few of the major draws that the United States can promise its workers—and when money talks, top talent listens.

This is also true of international healthcare students who want access to quality education in order to advance their careers after graduation. In a given year, U.S. medical schools and residency programs can receive tens of thousands of applications, of which include a few thousand international applicants. The ones who are accepted are more likely to stay in the States after graduation to chase the same opportunities they sought out by applying to an American med school or healthcare program in the first place. What America gains from this addition to its pool of healthcare professionals, a poor country loses.

This imbalance only prolongs the suffering of other countries by removing the doctors and nurses who could be vital to treating the diseases that are so common in other regions. This disparity has encouraged a push for international healthcare students to study and remain local after graduation. The i-Rotation software makes this possible by guaranteeing these students the same quality of training as the most prestigious schools in America, all without traveling outside of their country’s borders.

Our software was designed to accommodate any regional or national healthcare education system. Our professionals can help assist you on successfully integrating our platform into your existing one with customizable solutions to elevate quality of education. One of the most remarkable features of our software is the extensive library of virtual patients that simulate real-world scenarios. Each virtual patient and case is unique and can be tailored to each student’s individual needs.

International students can be exposed to various diagnoses and treatment plans from around the world, but, more importantly, their education can be predominantly focused on the growing epidemics afflicting their native lands. After graduation, these students will be able to fill immediate positions in their region and use their training to treat those who would otherwise suffer from a lack of healthcare professionals in the area.