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The App That Will Save You Hours on Accreditation Reviews

An education administrator’s time is valuable, but so much of it is spread thin across a variety of tasks. You are constantly being pulled from one responsibility to the next in order to keep up with the high demands of the job. Accreditation reviews are just one requirement that education administrators have to fulfill; while these reviews are quintessential, they are also very time consuming.

Accreditation reviews are not something that can be completed in a short timeframe. Detailed records of every student must be tracked through the duration of their clinical or residency rotations. Capturing this data is fundamental, but you aren’t always provided with the proper tools to adequately collect and maintain the vast volume of data you are responsible for overseeing. The i-Rotation software answers to this dilemma; our complex algorithm tracks clinical hours, conference hours, and attendance hours, as well as other pertinent information necessary to validate a student’s accreditation upon graduation.

Education administrators should not be distracted by the demanding intricacies of these reviews. The i-Rotation app makes accreditations fast, reliable, and accurate. Our software is completely customizable, allowing you the flexibility to capture the data that is relevant to your program—and your students. This information is stored online, accessible in secure databases through interactive dashboards that are easy to navigate.

The ability to track this information online not only decreases the amount of time healthcare providers spend doing this process the traditional way, but the operations run smoother with less effort. This is especially true because education administrators can easily give accreditation reviewers direct access to student records. This is even more profound since education administrators can now more easily monitor international students who do their clinical or residency rotations in the United States, or students in the U.S. who do their rotations abroad. The records and credentials of every healthcare student are kept in the database for up to eight years after graduation.

The i-Rotation software also meets the residency program needs of Graduate Medical Education institutions, providing schools and healthcare programs with actionable insight into how clinical and residency rotations can be improved. In order to meet the standards of the Next Accreditation Systems (NAS) and the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME), your operations must exceed the benchmark for excellence—and our app helps programs live up to those goals more effectively (and efficiently) than ever before.

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