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The Future of Healthcare Education Validation is Mobile – And it’s Here!

Gone are the days of winding paper trails and traditional workflow validation practices. Healthcare administrators and their students are benefitting from the latest in innovative technology, enjoying a more streamlined process that eliminates the need for abundant paperwork and cuts back on the time-consuming clinical validation process.

The i-Rotation mobile app is both accessible and user-friendly, available to all healthcare students on their Apple and Android devices. The i-Rotation app can be accessed from anywhere in the world, making healthcare education more convenient – and attainable – than ever before.

Our app has automated the management and operation of clinical rotations, eradicating the inadequacies that have culminated from the more conventional methods preceding i-Rotation. Healthcare administrators can use the mobile app to track the attendance records of every student enrolled at their school, whether it’s for a class, clinic, or lecture.

Administrators will also have access to student records and credentials from the past eight years. This information can be uploaded directly to the i-Rotation app so that all important documents are stored in the same place. The mobile app also opens up the lines of communication between administrators and students, allowing administrators to send assignments, documents, or test results online directly to the students they pertain to.

Healthcare students can use i-Rotation to craft their own clinical rotation schedules. These clinicals can be done within our nation’s border, or students have the option of scheduling their clinicals abroad. Whether they stay local or end up halfway across the globe, our mobile app ensures that no beat is missed.

Throughout their clinical rotations, students can log every student-patient interaction in the app, taking detailed notes for their records. The i-Rotation developers even curated a virtual library of patients with an extensive list of diseases and health complications. These virtual patients will be automatically assigned to students in order to further their education through practice and exposure to common and more uncommon medical diagnoses.

Upon graduation, i-Rotation will organize the vital information of every student (completed training, clinical data, etc.) into one coherent report that can be sent to employers. This Residency Report is a feature that is unique to i-Rotation’s software. Employers will consult this report and compare the graduate’s preparedness to their specifications. Having this information contained in a presentable document will set the graduate apart from other healthcare students applying for jobs around the same time.

But perhaps the best feature of the i-Rotation mobile app is that it is completely customizable to the needs and goals of your particular school. Build out your app to give your students the best healthcare education possible.