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The Solution to Global Healthcare Education: An App that Transcends Borders

Since its genesis, technology has profoundly impacted our lives. As the tech bubble expands, and becomes more efficient and accessible, its far-reaching effects extend beyond our nation’s borders and cultivate a better way of life in other countries. This becomes even more meaningful when access to technology can enhance society as a whole, therefore positively influencing the lives of its community.

Technology has been instrumental in not only increasing the scope of global healthcare education, but revolutionizing it as well. The i-Rotation app answers to one of the major disparities in healthcare education—quality education should not be limited to certain regions. As a result, international students will no longer have to leave their own country in order to have access to the same prestigious education and resources that were once only readily available to U.S. citizens.

In 2016, 2.5 million healthcare students traveled outside of their countries to attend a reputable school. By 2020, that number is predicted to increase to 7 million. Students in resource-limited countries should not have to seek opportunities overseas, but instead should have the same access to quality education right at home. The i-Rotation software was built to be effortlessly integrated into any healthcare education system, giving students from other countries the same training they could receive at any prestigious college in the United States. We offer free assessments and customizable solutions so schools and allied health programs can seamlessly upgrade their healthcare education using our technology.

The i-Rotation app has a meticulously curated library of virtual classes so that students can be exposed to the world’s best medical practices from anywhere in the world. Students can also practice diagnosing and treating a wide range of medical complications by interacting with virtual patients. Our app features diseases and conditions from around the world, so students will have exposure to medical problems they are not familiar with.

Diversely educated healthcare students will be better trained to address the growing health concerns in their countries, finally working to resolve the long-standing global health issues that have inflicted their own citizens for centuries. The solution to better global healthcare is better global healthcare education; when every country has access to quality education, students can stay close to home and use their training to impact their own communities.