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Healthcare education is in the midst of a metamorphosis, and we are excited to be a part of this shift towards a better educational system. In its early stages, healthcare education is focused on theoretical and textbook knowledge. This information is important for student growth and will be paramount to their ability to diagnose and treat patients, but what early education lacks is the link between this knowledge and patient interaction.

Students must eventually go through clinicals in order to make their education whole, but there are two issues that are present in our current system: healthcare students have limited exposure to diverse situations and cases—which is even worse in low-income countries—and our current system fails to support personalized education. Introducing technology into the healthcare education system is the solution to these problems, and so many more.

Digital learning redefines the role of the educator and allows them to refocus their attention so they aren’t stretched thin handling an onslaught of tasks. It also creates new and more flexible opportunities for learning, both nationally and abroad. These innovative solutions for a better healthcare education system are what inspired the i-Rotation software, a powerful patient education software tool that enhances problem-based student learning outcomes. Our software consists of an online database that features an extensive library of diseases and conditions, so that your institution and students have access to the latest in learning technology.

Here’s how it works: students are assigned virtual patients that are not only customized to their individual rotations, but that introduce them to complex diagnostic scenarios that other programs are incapable of replicating. Healthcare students work through the entire patient process, from initial patient interview to final diagnosis. Students can interact with their virtual patient, asking them questions and receiving real-time feedback through our software. This gives them pertinent information that will determine how they proceed with their examination. Our software provides guidance as students select what instruments to use on patients, and where to use them. And just like in any real diagnosis, students have the ability to order labs or consultations with specialists to fully work through the case until the end.

A team of specialized physicians and nurses are assigned to each client and are there to provide feedback and monitor student progress. We are confident that with all of these techniques in place, your student stands the best chance at achieving their goals after graduation.